Andrea was a weak storm that impacted the gulf coast in late May. The first named storm of the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season, Andrea formed out of a trough that was present in the Gulf of Mexico. Early on May 27, it was poorly deemed as tropical storm Andrea. It dissipated the following day.

Hurricane Otto 2010-10-09 1410Z

Meteorological History Edit

The NOAA predicted that a cold upper-front trough would form in the Gulf of Mexico. Sure enough, on May 26, a cold, upper-front trough formed and six hours later it was deemed tropical depression one. On May 27, it was poorly deemed tropical storm Andrea. It quickly turned northward and impacted Louisiana on May 28. It dissipated without warning.

Preparations and impact Edit

As soon as Andrea turned northward, the National Weather Service issued a tropical storm warning early on May 27. People heeded the warnings and either evacuated or ride out the storm in their homes. Andrea killed 12 people and cost $1.2 billion dollars in damage. President Barack Obama declared 18 counties in Louisiana disaster areas.

Retirement Edit

Due to the amount of damage caused by Andrea, the NOAA officially retired the name Andrea from the naming list. It was replaced with Amelia for the 2019 season.