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File:Gustav 2008 on Cuba.jpgFile:Gustav 30 August 1990.jpgFile:Gustav Cat1.jpg
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File:Hurricane Emily Sept 5 1981 1826Z.jpgFile:Hurricane Erin 13 sept 2001 1503Z.jpgFile:Hurricane Fabian 2003 Sept 4.jpg
File:Hurricane Faith 1966.jpgFile:Hurricane Fefa 02 aug 1991 1534Z.jpgFile:Hurricane Felix 2007.jpg
File:Hurricane Florence 11 sept 2006.jpgFile:Hurricane Floyd 14 sept 1999 1244Z.jpgFile:Hurricane Gabrielle 17 sept 2001 1213Z.jpg
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File:Typhoon Etau 2003.jpgFile:Typhoon Fengshen 16 july 2002 2310Z.jpgFile:Typhoon Hagibis 2002 peak.jpg
File:Typhoon Halong 14 july 2002 155Z.jpgFile:Typhoon Ioke 2006.jpgFile:Typhoon Ioke 28 Aug 2006 0130Z.jpg
File:Typhoon Koni 2003.jpgFile:Typhoon Krovanh 2003.jpgFile:Typhoon Matsa 2005.jpg
File:Typhoon Mitag 06 March 2002 0210Z.jpgFile:Typhoon Nesat 2005.jpgFile:Typhoon Phanfone 15 aug 2002 320Z.jpg
File:Typhoon Rammasun 03 july 2002 0215Z.jpgFile:Typhoon Rananim 2004.jpgFile:Typhoon Roke 2005.jpg
File:Typhoon Rusa.jpgFile:Typhoon Saola 2005.jpgFile:Typhoon Sinlaku 04 sept 2002 0440.jpg
File:Typhoon Sonca 2005.jpgFile:Typhoon Soudelor 2003.jpgFile:Typhoon Talim 2005.jpg
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