Hurricane Chantal was a weak yet deadly hurricane that was the most recent storm to survive the crossover from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The third named storm and first hurricane of the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season, Chantal was first noted as a weak tropical depression that formed off of the Greater Antilles. Two days later, it intensified to tropical storm, and then category 1 status on the Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale. Chantal hit Honduras and killed 1,254 people due to flying debris from the hurricane.

Meteorological History, preparations, and impact Edit

On August 5, the NOAA began monitoring a weak tropical depression three, and was declared potential tropical cyclone eight six hours later. The next day, it was deemed Tropical Storm Chantal. Shortly afterward, it transitioned to a category 1 hurricane. It continued to gain strength, and by August 11, it was a category 2 hurricane. Around this time, a hurricane warning was out in effect for much of Central America. The system continued west and impacted Central America, where the most significant place affected by Chantal was Honduras, where the system killed 1,156 people and damage amounted to $783 million.

2003 Hurricane Fabian

Retirement Edit

Due to the high death toll, the name Chantal was retired and was replaced by Carrie.