After the establishment of weather radar and weather satellites across the Chile Meteorological Service's area of responsibility (AOR), the Regional Specialized Meteorological Organization (RSMC) was able to collect more reliable data on developing tropical cyclones. Because of this, the CMS agreed to start naming tropical cyclones that attained gale-force winds in them within the AOR.


All names are taken from a series of two rotating lists. Despite the lack of activity, each list starts at "A" for every new season, unlike other inactive regions such as the Central Pacific. Every name on both lists are masculine, and most of them came from the 2011 or 2013 European windstorm names.

Southeastern Pacific Tropical Cyclone Names
List 1 List 2
Arno Alfredo
Benjamin Bobby
Christian Coppelius
Dieter Duncan
Emil Erik
Fatih Friedhelm
Gunther Gerald
Heath Hunter
Ianto Inago
Joachim James
Klaus Kurt
Louis Leon
Mattathias Miekel
Nemo Norfried
Orion Olaf
Paolini Petor
Quirin Quinn
Rolf Roman
Sigurd Sukru
Tronje Timmie
Uranus Ulli
Valerian Viktor
Wilbur Wolfgang
Xaver Ximena
Yoda Yannick
Zeus Zeek