The 2060-61 Hurricane is a Record hurricane season with 55 storms. the biggest of all is Flona which was a huge Hypercane that had winds of 500 Mph and killed thousands of people.The smallest is tropical depression 10 it had winds of 30 Mph and did not affect land here are the other storms.


Subtropical Cyclone AbbyEdit

Hurricane BeatrizEdit

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Tropical Storm DianaEdit

Tropical Storm EdwinEdit

Hurricane FalcoEdit

Hurricane GeneEdit

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Hurricane IsabelEdit

Tropical Depression 10Edit

Hurricane JoeyEdit

Hurricane KevinEdit

Hurricane LennyEdit

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Tropical Storm NonnyEdit

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Tropical Storm QuincyEdit

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Hurricane SandyEdit

Hurricane TomasEdit

Tropical Storm VickyEdit

Hurricane WilmaEdit

Hurricane XavierEdit

Hurricane YukiEdit

Tropical Storm ZacharyEdit

Hurricane AlphaEdit

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Hurricane ZetaEdit

Tropical Storm ZeldaEdit

Hurricane AnthonyEdit

Hurricane BrutusEdit

Hurricane CarlottaEdit

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Hypercane FlonaEdit

Hurricane GregoryEdit

Subtropical Storm HermineEdit

Hurricane IreneEdit

Hurricane John LucaEdit

Hurricane KyleEdit

Tropical Storm LeenaEdit

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