The 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season is tied with 2017, 1996, 2019 and 2022 for having the most major hurricanes in a season. It was a very active season having seeing seventeen named storms, twelve hurricanes, and six major hurricanes, tying the season with 2011 for the most storm ever observed in October.



Hurricane Abigail

Formed on July 7 as a weak tropical depression. It reached category 2 status on July 12. It reached category 3 strength on July 15. It rapidly weakened and dissipated on July 17 without having threatening land, although many ships came in contact with Abigail.

Tropical Storm Brandon

Formed about two weeks after Abigail. Impacted North and South Carolina. Although a weak storm, Brandon killed 31 people and caused $19 million dollars in damage. President Donald Trump declared eighteen counties in South Carolina disaster areas.

Hurricane Alaxander

Hurricane Carrie

A powerful storm, Carrie formed from a tropical wave that exited off of Africa on August 2. It rapidly deepened into a category 1 hurricane on August 4. It intensified into a category 2 hurricane six hours later. It then reached its peak strength on August 7 as a category 4 hurricane. Carrie impacted Bermuda and killed 27 people all together and caused $231 million dollars in damage. It dissipated on August 15.

Hurricane Igor 2010

Hurricane Dylan

Hurricane Felix 2007

The fourth and most destructive hurricane of the season, Hurricane Dylan, emerged out of a cold upper-front trough on August 6. It slowly but steadily intensified into tropical depression four. It was then declared Tropical Storm Dylan early on August 8. It maintained its peak intensity as category 5 hurricane on August 10. Shortly afterward, it hit Texas as a category 4 hurricane, and caused a whopping $192 billion dollars in damage, the second costliest hurricane on record. Only 2017's Hurricane Harvey is confirmed to be more costly by $6.3 billion dollars more.

Hurricane Evelyn

Only five days after Hurricane Carrie impacted Texas, tropical depression five formed. It rapidly intensified into Tropical Storm Evelyn eight hours later.